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Rhythm Section Workshops

During the year I will run Rhythm section workshops. The frequency and timing of these workshops are based on how prepared the students are and how many keen participants we have.The next Rhythm Section Workshop is 9 am Saturday the 30th August at NZSM.

Please do look up my blog of 5th,6th October and 22nd September for more deatails and recordings from the rhythm section workshop of 22nd September 2012.

Professional musicians are hired from the New Zealand School of music to cover the drums and bass sections of a Jazz combo. The students take the Piano role, playing pieces that they have been working on during there lessons. Normally the students will have prepared two or three pieces for this workshop.

Experimentation with arrangements and soloing is encouraged and the students get an opportunity to have input from other professional players.

The quality of the players from the New Zealand School of Music is always high and they are encouraging of the students. We manage to maintain a relax and friendly environment even though this is a hard task.

Parents also have the chance to enjoy the playing and have commented that the workshop is similar to a small jazz concert.

Rhythm Section workshops have a charge of $25-00 per player.

Playing Group

The next playing group is here in my studio in Hataitai 7 pm Tuesday the 23rd September. Nerves are a major factor in performance. They can turn a good piece into a nightmare for a student and can be one of the main reasons a student may get a poor result in their exams. It is good to get use to performing while nervous. Nerves never go away completely and probably never should. They can however be managed.

The playing groups are designed for the students to practice their performance. These are held in Hataitai usually on the last Tuesday of the term. They are a must for the exam students and really help in achieving good results. They also provide a playing opportunity for those who like to perform and a chance for the parents to hear the students play.

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