Exam Dates: The entries are in now ABRSM practical exams session 3. The exams will be between 20th October and 5th December. Students should contact me for their exact times. The venue will probably still be Toi Poneke Wellington Arts Centre, 61 Able smith Street, Te Aro, Wellington. Be there 20 mins before you are due to play. Remember this is what you have been working for. Stay calm, back yourself, be the good musician that you are and try and enjoy the moment. Best of luck :).

Exams are great if used correctly. They can also be a problem if they are the only goal in your music. The three tunes a year situation created by exams can inhibit a fuller exploration of music.

The goal should always be one of being a better musician and exams provide great challenges for that purpose. Problems can arise when the goal becomes one of chasing a grade.

Keeping that in mind I love getting students to do exams if they are willing and keen. They are exciting, the pieces provided by the examination boards are of a high quality with plenty of variation. And they truly are challenging in all areas. Good stuff!!!

They do require a greater effort on behalf of the students and usually require more than a half hour lesson to achieve.

From grade 4 on a ¾ of an hour lesson times is recommended
From grade 7 on at least an hour lesson is recommended

Students sitting exams should be practicing at home for at least as long as their lesson time each day. Therefore:
Grades 1-3 ½ hour per day
Grades 4 – 6 ¾ of an hour per day
Grades 7 onward at least an hour per day.
These times vary according to the quality of the practice.

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