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Blog 61 Opurtunities, The one that got away.)

January 1, 2018

A Big thank you to all of you for 2017. Thanks for coming to music, playing and practicing your music, composing music and beats, performing at playing groups, singing and in general exercising your creative muscles. It’s good to see so many of you working at your creativity.
2017 started with a nice fresh room and a few new tools/toys and ideas to be experimenting with.
It is now much easier to record with immediate playback and processing. This has been great for looking at the overall shape and sound of people’s pieces.
MIXCRAFT 8 has proved very popular for composing beats and is now a regular part of some student’s lessons.
New for 2018 will be the new website. Throughout 2017 we have been building up content for a new website. As we, is usually just me this can take a while. However, I have been posting this material on my Piano Teacher Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/The-Piano-Teacher-1795471537400955/ This includes useful posts from the net, YouTube playlists based on student’s music books (good for checking out future pieces to play). In the more original material are recordings of covers and compositions. Video tutorials for technique, chord knowledge and some backing tracks to have a jam with. The content will grow on this until we switch onto the new website. The idea is that this becomes a supplement to the music lesson. So please check it out and like the page to get the updates.

It is time to sort out our lesson times for 2018. I have spoken to most of you and times will stay the same for those who are happy. For those who need a change, please let me know early, while I have sometimes to work with.
I will start lessons again on 1st Feb.
First lesson time for 2018 is
My price for 2018 will be $40.00 per half hour lesson.
Term Dates 2018.
Term 1 Wednesday 1st February – Thursday 13th April
Term 2 Monday 30th April – Friday 6th July.
Term 3 Monday 23rd July – 28th September.
Term 4 Monday 15th October – Friday 14th December.
Have a great end of year with lots of festive fun and I will see you all in 2018
Thanks Again