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Blog 61 Opurtunities, The one that got away.)

December 23, 2016

Dear Students and Parents
Thank you all for the year. I appreciate the effort you all have put into learning your music.
During this year, we have had many new students start, some new performers at the playing group and a lot more creativity in the pop area with many students starting to work on tunes that are much more demanding than they are used to. It has been very interesting exploring your music and a few of you have already decided to commit to some exciting and difficult works for next year.
It is time to sort out our lesson times for 2017. I have spoken to most of you and times will stay the same for those who are happy. If you need a change, please let me know now, while I have some times to work with.
I will start lessons again on Wednesday 1st Feb.
Thursday Students 2nd Feb Friday Students 3rd Feb Monday Students 13th Feb and Tuesday Students 7th Feb
It has been good to welcome so many new students this year. Students have really advanced in their approach to learning pop music. Chord knowledge and earwork are playing a bigger part in their musical efforts. I am very pleased with how well students are understanding this area and the results they are gaining from these skills.
This coming year we will be able to push more at recordings of our compositions and performances. The recording work this year has been good and with some recent advances in technology I am really excited for the year ahead.
This is a good time for musicians to really explore their creativity and share their work using technology.
Term Dates 2017.
Term 1 Wednesday 1st February – Thursday 13th April
Term 2 Monday 1st May – Friday 7th July.
Term 3 Monday 24th July – 29th September.
Term 4 Monday 16th October – Friday 15th December.
Have a great Christmas and happy New Year see you in 2017.