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Blog 61 Opurtunities, The one that got away.)

November 20, 2016

Team Work
Just recently Wellington has been bouncing along to a series of earthquakes that have been experienced country wide. The center is in the top of the South Island so this area of the country has been hit badly. My deepest sympathies to the people hurt.
We are still receiving aftershocks even now but my purpose here is to talk about us as people rather than the quake itself. I though it showed a very good example of how kind and caring we can be. Of course, there are some unfortunate exceptions but that will get dealt with elsewhere.
When the quake hit of course we all moved into safety mode. The old take cover and ride it out approach and that was a wild ride!! A couple of minutes later however with a bit of smashing and crashing the main was over.
The next thing to do was check on family and friends and didn’t Facebook prove useful. I put out a post and saw others had beaten me too it. People were offering help and talking it out. Of course during the frequent aftershock period it was good for everyone to keep talking.
Kaikura was hit hard and ended up isolated. Ngai Tahu Marae feed and looked after these people while the emergency services had to wait for the weather to break. In Wellington Parliament turned into sleeping quarters for stranded visitors and the like. The leadership allocated resources and made quick important decisions. Really, we reacted well to the situation with team work. It was good to see this capacity that we have.
My point is we need to apply this skill to some of our more pressing problems. Our ability to work as a team is huge. We have proven time and time again that we are good in a crisis. That we can be extraordinarily compassionate and resourceful. Unfortunately, we seem to need something like an earth quake to rattle us into awareness of the danger. That I believe is the key thing we miss. An awareness of our situation.
I believe if we were truly aware of the damage caused by our complacency. If we choose to become realistic about the result of damaging the environment that supports us. Or if we took a realistic look at the consequence of social injustice on any level. We would act!
If we became aware of these dangers in the same way as an earthquake makes you aware of its danger. We would act! And we would act well. We have had so many examples over the last couple of days of good team work and compassionate behavior. Imagine what we could do for our world if we were to use these strengths more often.
Bye 4 now Cheers