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Blog 61 Opurtunities, The one that got away.)

December 31, 2015

Dear Students and Parents
As 2015 finishes I would like to thank you all for the year. I have enjoyed the teaching and appreciate the effort you put into learning music.
This year has been quite different we have just had the last playing group of the year and with the exams all but over a more relaxed time was enjoyed. It is great to perform to people and a very different experience so well done all.
At the beginning of 2015 I was involved in the running of the music teachers’ conference. “Lilburn’s Legacy …. Fostering musical creativity”
My role enabled me to have a lot to do with the presenters and composers and has made a marked change on my teaching. The growing emphasis is on creativity. So this year, feeling fully encouraged by the likes of Elissa Milne and Philip Norman, I have encouraged growth in composition and recording. Producing some great work.
It is time to sort out our lesson times for 2016. Times will stay the same for those who are happy. If you need a change please let me know now while I have a few empty spots.
I will start lessons again on 1st Feb.

My price for 2016 will be $40.00 per half hour lesson.
I have been pleased to welcome a number of new students this year and we have also had some new players to the playing groups and exams. Next year we will aim for the exams to be in the middle of the year to avoid the busy end of the year times.
I have had some help from Jamie with my sound equipment so we will be able to have a good full sound to the backing tracks at lessons. Also Peter has been giving me encouragement into creating video tutorials for my website. I will be covering a lot of the basics this way and will send out e mails to the students to encourage their use.
The change in music and music teaching created by the availability of these tools is great. Now more than ever before there is the opportunity for musicians to really explore their own creativity and achieve their own sound. I plan for this to be the focus of 2016.
Term 1 Monday 1st February – 15th April
Term 2 Monday 2nd May – Friday 8th July.
Term 3 Monday 25th July – 23rd September.
Term 4 Monday 10th October – Friday 16th December.
Have a great Christmas and New Year see you in 2016.