Peter Teaches Piano and Keyboard using styles Classical, Jazz, Pop, Blues and Improvisation. Skills Theory, Improvisation and composition Encouraged. Exams Available.

Our Aim

My Aim

My Purpose in teaching music is to bring people closer to their own musical expression, to find clearer ways for pianists and keyboard players to understand music.

By learning the simple fundamentals well, the possibilities for any player are limitless.

Please watch some of Peter’s work and tutorials presented in his channel Peter’s Practical Piano check the link below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzy52oiEYaThNzN0M0HCpGA?view_as=subscriber

Reviews and Recommendations

Please read the reviews of some of my students and parents. All of my reviews are posted on Finda which is a New Zealand business directory. For More reviews click on this link https://www.finda.co.nz/business/listing/4ps2zf/the-piano-teacher/
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Luke_Georgeson 12th March 2020

Peter is a fantastic piano teacher. I have been learning with him for just over 2 years now, and am still really enjoying it. He is extremely knowledgeable about all things music, and has always been happy to talk/ show me through anything I have had trouble with. Peter encourages me to get outside my comfort zone and take on new challenges, meaning I never get bored with the work he sets for me. He is genuinely passionate about music and playing the piano, and I couldn't recommend him any higher for pianists of any level.

FlynnCB 11th December 2020

I have been learning piano with Peter for about two years, having started quite late on the piano (16). Prior to seeking lessons, I knew very little technique (having only aimlessly noodled on the keyboard) and had quite poor reading ability. In these two years under Peter's direction, I was able to progress from a very rudimentary knowledge of scales to being able to memorize and play a 3-voice Bach Fugue. I have enjoyed Peter's very non-dogmatic approach to teaching, and believe I have benefited from his ability to keep learning interesting whilst building a solid technical foundation. Thus I can wholeheartedly recommend his tuition to anyone wishing to learn or progress on the piano

Foilboi 8th December 2020

Peter is an extremely enthusiastic and patient teacher who has a real passion for music. He is very easy going and great at putting is students at ease. He is very flexible and has a wide musical knowledge so he can work with you to play the music you want. It has been a real pleasure being his student.

Will_Georgeson 3rd August 2019

I have been learning with Peter for around 2 years now, and every lesson has been enlightening as well as pleasant. Peter is always willing to teach and explore a range of musical styles that I am interested in, and is definitely not short of knowledge in any area. My lessons did not feel like they were exclusively Piano lessons, as I was comfortable to discuss any musical questions I had, whether it was jazz theory or the history of music. Over the course of my study with Peter, I feel as if he has been pivotal in the development of my musical ability, not only on the Piano but as an all-round musician. He is friendly, patient, and easy-going, ultimately making my lessons feel as if I was learning from a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Peter, and would happily recommend him to anyone who is keen to learn the Piano.

Henrhi (Henry) 4th December 2018

I have been a student of Peter for at least 5 years now and a can safely say he is a great teacher. Peter let me learn what I wanted as well teaching me the fundamentals to music. He has helped me through many different genres of piano and is always enthusiastic when I want to try something new. Peter always goes above and beyond. But most importantly he is really easy to get along with.

Kuchj (Jillian) 24th November 2018

I had lessons from Peter over at least 15 years. I decided as a mature student that I wanted to expand my classical background into the jazz and impovision space. Peter is a very patient and extremely talented teacher who coaxed me through the change in approach, the new termnology and event to the point of supressing my nerves and taking part in live workshops with a drummer and bass player. Peter has an unassuming manner and the talent to modify his teaching style to the needs of his student. He has an amazing broad knowledge of music across all genres and I would strongly recommend him to anyone at any age who wants to learn to play.

MiaP (Maria) 14th November 2018

Peter has been teaching my son for 2 years, since he was 7 years old. I was keen for a teacher who would be flexible for different music styles and learning preferences, and he has definitely delivered on this hope. My son is quite shy but Peter has been great with him, allowing the relationship to develop at its own pace. He is very relaxed and friendly, not to mention an obviously natural musician himself. We are sad to be losing him due to upcoming relocation.

RachelMM (Rachel) 4th March 2018

I have had piano lessons with Peter for about 6 years and I've really enjoyed them. During my lessons I would learn a range of pieces as well as additional theory as I went along to help me understand my pieces better. I learnt jazz piano which I love and really enjoy playing - with this I learnt how to understand the different chord symbols, ideas and ways to voice the chords, how to play improv as well as many other useful skills. Additionally, Peter would help me with my compositions and would give me suggestions on how to improve them. He also helped me learn about recording music - which was often through experimentation to see what types of mics would work best and how to set everything up, and then how to produce the recordings with changing the settings and using software. The frequent playing groups were a great low key opportunity to perform. Peter is such a talented musician himself so learning piano from him was inspiring. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning piano from Peter and have learnt many useful skills to help me grow as a musician.

JohnoPowell (Johno) 7th February 2018

I've been learning from Peter for the last couple of years. His diverse musical background and taste makes it easy to bring up any topic. He's encourages me to bring along things to work on that I'm interested in, as well as offering exercises and pieces to fill in the gaps. The relaxing nature of the lessons has helped me develop not only in many musical areas, but also with my performance anxiety. Having the chance to perform at the routine playing groups also really helped with this. The relaxed nature of the lessons provides a great atmosphere, without detracting from the quality. I've really enjoyed the strides of progress I've managed to take under Peters tutelage.

Jimgpaterson (Jim) 19th April 2017

I've had piano lesson from Peter for over a year as an adult learner, having just taken up the instrument. My musical interests are fairly diverse and Peter has been superb at helping me with everything from classical to prog rock, jazz and pop. I like Peter's relaxed style and attention to detail, helping me to become aware of all the subtitles of piano beyond hitting the right keys at the right time. I am amazed at the progress I've made in a year and would attribute much of that to Peter's help. Learning piano is fun and Peter is a great guy to help you.

Kprince (Kathryn) 8th December 2016

I have been receiving lessons from Peter for 5 years and he has been amazing! Since the beginning Peter has created an encouraging atmosphere and has always catered to my needs. He has made playing the piano very enjoyable and taught me life-long skills. He is an excellent Piano teacher!

Edengardendesign (David)8th July 2016

My daughter has been receiving piano lessons from Peter for 3 years, since she was 7 and most weeks I sit in on the lesson. Peter is the perfect piano teacher for children, as he keeps it interesting and exciting for them, is approachable and friendly, gently brings them back on track when their focus wanders and seems to have an endless supply of patience. I am not sure that many piano teachers could connect so well and bring out the best in their students the way Peter does. We have been very impressed.

For more reviews on Peter please go to my Finda page. Click on this link. https://www.finda.co.nz/business/listing/4ps2zf/the-piano-teacher/
If you wish to make a review please click on the above link. Thank you.


I like to keep a relaxed style of tuition where the emphasis is on enjoying the music and playing well. Offering tuition in a wide range of styles and skills (Including theory and composition) enables the student to select their own goals. The tuition can then cover the skills needed and the practice habits required to achieve those goals.

I teach in the Hatatai area. Beginners of any age are very welcome. You are never too old to start learning music. Currently I am taking lesson times for Term 3 & 4 2016. Thursday and Friday afternoon are the best times available at the moment for current or new students.

I do offer exams in both the Jazz and classical areas using the ABRSM syllabus for both areas.

I offer rhythm section workshops and playing groups. Rhythm section workshops are when the student has the opportunity to sit in with a live Jazz combo as the pianist. (This one really is fun!). Playing groups are when the students perform the works that they are working on to each other. (A must for exam students as they are great for dealing with performance nerves).

Having studied arranging and completed the Theory for the Trinity college diploma, I am happy to tackle any Theory goals a student may have. From just learning to understand the chord charts in the band, to passing exams and understanding Jazz harmony. A life of study and playing experience in the pop chord knowledge and Jazz harmony has shown me just how useful it is to understand fully the music you are playing. I enjoy theory and you can have fun with it.

Writing your own music and improvisation can be hugely fulfilling. Some of my highlights for playing have been the performance of my own music and soloing in the Jazz environment. This is always the best fun. This creative skill can be started on and nurtured from as early as the student would like.

I can provide good quality musical education in many musical styles: Jazz, Pop and Classical. Many of my students like to explore all styles. A bit of Pop, Classical and Jazz. And they find this helps there overall musical enjoyment. My main goal is to have happy students exploring music.

Contact me today for more about piano and music theory lessons.

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