Peter Feehan Teaches Classical Piano for Exams or Fun also Jazz, Pop, Blues and Improvisation

If you would like to listen to some recordings of Peter Feehan and some of his students playing, check this link here. http://soundcloud.com/peter-feehan

What We Can Do

Piano or Keyboards

These two instruments are interchangeable. We use a Yamaha baby grand for lessons which is a joy to play on. Many of my students play keyboards which are fine to use and as well as being more portable can provide good access to music software.

Pop music

Many of my students have favourite songs which they want to learn. We learn how to work out these tunes from ear or play the arrangements in all the scores that are available. Pop culture is huge and there are many ways to play and sing while exploring this area of music.

Jazz Piano

Learn the chord knowledge, theory and language of this exciting music, which will lead to the ability of improvisation on your instrument.

Classical Piano

A vast repertoire of music exists here to explore and for those that like to test themselves exams are available.


All styles of music have theory involved and an understanding of these theories make for a more competent player. For those who enjoy theory or need this for other courses, this can be achieved here. Musescore a free notation software has much to offer in learning theory.

Performance opportunities

Playing groups and IRMT NZ piano competitions are available for the students who enjoy performing for others. For the really keen band situations can be organised.

Composition and Recording

Students can start working on their own compositions as soon as they have an idea to create with. Instrumental piano works, singer songwriting and even creativity using samples and loops have been explored in lessons


With simple no fuss technology students can record their efforts as they complete their pieces or compositions. . The use of the free music notation software Musescore can be used to score the compositions.

I like to keep a relaxed style of tuition where the emphasis is on enjoying the music and playing well. Offering tuition in a wide range of styles and skills (Including theory and composition) enables the student to select their own goals. The tuition can then cover the skills needed and the practice habits required to achieve those goals.

I teach in the Hatatai area. Beginners of any age are very welcome. You are never too old to start learning music. Currently I am taking lesson times for Term 3 & 4 2016. Thursday and Friday afternoon are the best times available at the moment for current or new students.

I do offer exams in both the Jazz and classical areas using the ABRSM syllabus for both areas.

I offer rhythm section workshops and playing groups. Rhythm section workshops are when the student has the opportunity to sit in with a live Jazz combo as the pianist. (This one really is fun!). Playing groups are when the students perform the works that they are working on to each other. (A must for exam students as they are great for dealing with performance nerves).

Having studied arranging and completed the Theory for the Trinity college diploma, I am happy to tackle any Theory goals a student may have. From just learning to understand the chord charts in the band, to passing exams and understanding Jazz harmony. A life of study and playing experience in the pop chord knowledge and Jazz harmony has shown me just how useful it is to understand fully the music you are playing. I enjoy theory and you can have fun with it.

Writing your own music and improvisation can be hugely fulfilling. Some of my highlights for playing have been the performance of my own music and soloing in the Jazz environment. This is always the best fun. This creative skill can be started on and nurtured from as early as the student would like.

I can provide good quality musical education in many musical styles: Jazz, Pop and Classical. Many of my students like to explore all styles. A bit of Pop, Classical and Jazz. And they find this helps there overall musical enjoyment. My main goal is to have happy students exploring music.

Contact me today for more about piano and music theory lessons.

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